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Night Sky Photography

The Ultimate Night Sky Photography Workshop

Capturing the stars on camera is an amazing skill, and it results in some pretty incredible photos. Even if you’re new to the concept of night sky photography, my workshop will teach you the skills and knowledge required to capture our universe in all its glory. With stargazing photography, you’ll discover how to set up your camera and create the ideal settings to capture the stars in perfect clarity. Each location chosen is specially designated to ensure that you can capture the Milky Way and other beautiful images of the night sky. Ideally, night sky photography looks best during clear weather when there are clear skies. While the workshop may vary depending on the weather, the sessions will proceed unless there is thick fog, heavy rain, or other conditions that can get in the way of your stargazing photography capture. Once we take several photos, it will be time to edit and work on post-processing to ensure a perfect photo.

Part of the night sky photography workshop involves a one-on-one video call either via Skype or Zoom so I can show you how to edit your photos using Photoshop and Lightroom. These types of shots require processing in order to look their best, so this part is crucial to capturing the best pictures possible. The group size for these workshops will be kept small and limited to no more than three students per session. The shooting session itself should last between three to four hours, and then a short online editing call will follow. During this time, you’ll learn how to plan for the shot, how to focus your camera in the dark, and the optimal camera settings. With some patience and education, you’ll become a pro at capturing the night sky as you explore our stars and showcase your newly learned skill.

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