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Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Since mid March, most of the UK has been on lock down. For many this has meant that our world came to a halt with many people including myself becoming furloughed from work.

Many people have found the lock down to be hard as they haven’t been able to see their family in many months, go to the beach (until recently), enjoy movies with friends or even go out shopping. Personally I found not being out with my camera very difficult and not being at work affected my routines.

So how did I use my time wisely?

Well during lock down, I have taken the time to learn new skills in photography, got creative with indoor photography ideas with items I could find around the house, photographed more from my local woods just 5 minutes down the road from where I live and I even brought more photography equipment.

During the lock down, companies such as Vanguard, Jessops, London Camera Exchange and Camera World have been running competitions, sharing “how to” videos, sharing tips and tricks and giving people something to watch and maybe even try at home while abiding the Covid-19 advisement.

Many things I photographed during lock down were things I could find around my home or on a local walk, which I’d bring home and play with in my make shift studio such as flowers, pine cones, leaves, food like fruit and even bubbles made with washing up liquid.

Some of these where easy to photograph, like flowers and food like fruit and veg. I tried photographing fruit such as bananas, strawberry, limes but found oranges to provide the most interesting detail to capture macro style.

Bubbles and lit matches are a great photography subject as they display some great colours and movement but can be very frustrating as both these two subjects only last a few seconds giving you a very small window in which to capture the colours and movement they create.

Lock down has been easing,

Now lock down has been easing, photographers have been able to get back out and about travelling further afield to capture the beautiful weather we have been having, getting back into photo shoots or weddings.

I personally enjoyed being able to get back out and capture the Milky-way and run my Milky-way workshops as well as doing portrait shoots with models and cannot wait until I’m photographing weddings again.

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